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Hello everyone, and welcome to my website!

Here you can learn all about my writing career, my background and family, my books and forthcoming titles. The news page will keep you updated with forthcoming events and you can also subscribe to my exclusive newsletter as well as download past editions of it.

I wanted to let you know that my new saga, LIVERPOOL SISTERS, is now available in ebook and hardback. At its heart are two sisters, Livvie and Amy, whose move from a modest house in early twentieth-century Everton to a grander one in the leafy suburbs disrupts their lives in ways their socially ambitious father didn’t foresee, bringing with it tragedy and turbulence as well as prosperity. Parts of the story are inspired by a great aunt of mine, and her own experience of being a suffragette, so there is a personal angle to it as well. I hope you’ll enjoy it! You can order it from here.

My new paperback, HEART AND HOME, is still selling well and I’ve had some lovely feedback about it on my Facebook page – thank you again for all your support and enthusiasm. It’s great to have such good fans!

A MOMENT IN TIME - a free short story available on Kindle

A moment in Time by Lyn Andrews (book cover)I've written a short story, A MOMENT IN TIME, which ties in with FROM LIVERPOOL WITH LOVE.

Ellen Holt has grown up in the heart of Liverpool's slums. Each day brings worry and struggle for her mam and da and Ellen works hard as a factory girl to help her family. Together, they get by.

She has never imagined any other existence until one night she joins a gathering of suffragettes. Suddenly anything seems possible. But she's soon to discover how much courage it takes to fight for better. And, just when all seems lost, Eddie Shaw walks into her world...

It is available for free on Kindle. You can order it from Amazon here.

Paperback edition of HEART AND HOME

HEART AND HOME, is now available in paperback. You can order it from Amazon here.

Paperback edition of FROM LIVERPOOL WITH LOVE

FROM LIVERPOOL WITH LOVE, is now available in paperback. You can read more about it on the main Books page.
"A spellbinding portrayal of the lives and loves of the hardy folk of Liverpool" - Lancashire Evening Post.
The paperback can also be ordered from Amazon.

NEWSLETTER - new Autumn issue available

My Autumn 2016 newsletter is now available. You can see it here (250KB) and higher resolution version can be viewed here (1.3MB). You can subscribe to upcoming editions for free by going on the newsletter subscription page.

Liverpool Angels by Lyn Andrews
Liverpool Angels by Lyn Andrews

You can read more about all my books on the main Books page